What Time Does The Anniversary Update Release?

UPDATE: The Anniversary Update has been delayed by 2 hours.

The Anniversary Update is out NOW!

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Anniversary Update Release Time

The Anniversary Update for Sea of Thieves is the largest update the game has ever seen. It includes features such as fishing, cooking, a new enhanced quest system, a new competitive PVP mode, and more!

With the release coming tomorrow on April 30th, many people are wondering: What time does the Anniversary Update come out?

Well we’ve got the answer.

The Anniversary Update for Sea of Thieves will be out by 4pm BST.

For those of you in different timezones, we’ve converted them below for you:

11am EST (Delayed Time: 1pm EST)

10am CST (Delayed Time: 12pm CST)

8am PST (Delayed Time: 10am PST)

5pm CEST (Delayed Time: 7pm CEST)

1am AEST (May 1st) (Delayed Time: 3am AEST)

12am JST (May 1st) (Delayed Time: 2am JST)

So if you’re wondering what time the Anniversary Update comes out for Sea of Thieves, we’re hoping you know now. Of course, this is based off of the maintenance window that Rare gave us, so it may end up going live a bit earlier or later than that.

You can expect the servers to be filled once the Anniversary Update releases, so please be patient and allow Rare to relieve some of the server congestion over time.

The Anniversary Update includes a ton of great new features, you can find out more about them here.

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