Expanded Ship Damage Explained

On April 30th, Rare will be releasing the Anniversary Update to the Sea of Thieves! As part of this update, there will be significant changes to ship combat, specifically how ships will be damaged. Rare recently released a behind-the-scenes look at expanded ship damage, so we’re here to go over exactly how these new mechanics will work!

Below you’ll find questions answered by Rare regarding the expanded ship damage:

What are the expanded ship damage changes that are coming?
On all ship types, you will be able to knock down the masts of a ship with a few cannonballs. You will also be able to damage the capstan and wheel of a ship. Cannonball holes in the hull have also changed, there will be different sized holes in the hull depending on how much damage you’ve done. So more cannonball shots to a single place on the hole will expand the hole, allowing more water to fill in faster.

Will it take longer to patch larger holes in the hull?
Yes, the time it takes to patch a hole will directly correlate to the size of the hole.

Will damaging a ship’s capstan lower their anchor?
There is a chance that damaging a ship’s capstan will lower the anchor.

What will damaging a ship’s wheel do?
Damaging a ship’s wheel will make it so it’s harder to turn the ship.

How many cannonball shots does it take to knock down a mast?
It will take 3 cannonball shots to knock down a ship mast.

How do you repair the mast once it’s been knocked down?
Players will have to use the pulley ropes on the ship to get the mast back up. Once it’s back up, players will need to use wooden planks to repair the mast.

How do you repair the capstan and the wheel?
To repair the capstan and the wheel, you will need to use wooden planks.

Will the expanded ship damage be available in The Arena?
Yes, expanded ship damage will be present in The Arena.

You can learn more about expanded ship damage in Sea of Thieves by watching the behind-the-scenes video below.