Everything Coming In The Anniversary Update

Sea of Thieves released just over a year ago on March 20th, 2018 exclusively for the Xbox One and PC. Since then, the game has seen five free DLC updates that have vastly updated the landscape of the game. April 30th marks the release of their sixth update (the Anniversary Update) and without a doubt is the largest overall update for the game yet.

There will be various additions such as fishing, cooking, two new trading companies, along with a brand new combat arena for pirates who enjoy battling each other in ruthless competition. Here is a list of all the changes that we know of coming to Sea of Thieves in the Anniversary Update next week.

The Hunter’s Call

Have you maxed out all three trading companies in Sea of Thieves and looking for more to do? Well luckily for you, the Anniversary Update will include The Hunter’s Call! This new trading company will allow you to collect meat, cook meat, and go fishing. It’s run by Merrick (from the Hungering Deep campaign) and his family, which you will be able to find at any Seapost. They will happily give you gold for any meat or fish you deliver to them.

As for fishing, you will be able to fish on land or aboard your ship, but be careful as it is possible for your line to break! You will also be able to cook animal meat or fish on your own ship or in any pot you find on an island. Cooked meals will be much more beneficial for your pirate’s health than just fruit, they will also fill up your regeneration pool.

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The Arena

We have known about the Arena for a couple months now, but recently some new information has surfaced. For those that haven’t heard, The Arena will be the competitive PVP mode added to the Sea of Thieves in the Anniversary Update.

The Sea Dogs will be a trading company exclusive to The Arena run by two characters from the Sea of Thieves comic book series- Lesedi and DeMarco Singh. The Sea Dogs Tavern will act as a lobby where players can meet with each other before facing off in The Arena.

In this mode there will be 24 minute matches with five galleons competing against each other for treasure. Each ship receives the same treasure maps and must battle to dig up and turn in the most treasure before time expires. This mode will have no Kraken, Megalodon, Gunpowder barrels (at launch), or cursed cannonballs. Although weather events can still occur, such as fog or storms.

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Tall Tales

For those who loved the stories of the Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails, and Forsaken Shores campaigns, a new storyline is here for you to delve into! Tall Tales will comprise different adventures with brand new characters. This is a brand new enhanced quest system that fulfills the potential Sea of Thieves has always had. Discover mysteries, solve puzzles, and evade traps as you venture through new areas never before seen.

Each Tall Tale will have multiple chapters, adding longevity to your adventures. There will also be a variety of Tall Tales that tell different stories about different characters. The first Tall Tale we will be experiencing is the Shores of Gold.

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New Ship Combat

In addition to the content changes coming to Sea of Thieves, there are also some significant combat changes coming to ships. You will now be able to damage the masts, capstans, and wheels of ships, which will require wooden planks to repair. In addition to that, holes from cannonballs will now expand if they are shot consistently, allowing more water to come into the ship.

These changes will dramatically change how ship combat is played. It increases the amount of strategy needed to take down a ship and also requires a crew to be more focused than ever before. Communication will be vital in making sure your ship stays afloat.

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A set of harpoons will be added to each ship type. These harpoons will allow you to latch onto ships and reel in objects (barrels, treasure, players). They will play a huge factor in ship combat, allowing ships to create sharp turns and allowing others to keep pace with faster ships.

Oh, and most importantly, you can blow up gunpowder barrels upon impact.

This is everything we know that’s coming to the Anniversary Update next week. We’re confident that Rare will also introduce a slew of bug fixes with this update, as they usually do. This is easily the largest update the game has seen, and Rare probably has some other content up their sleeves that they’ll slip in.

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