25 Questions Answered About Tall Tales

Recently Rare hosted a stream showcasing a preview of the upcoming new enhanced quest system, Tall Tales. Tall Tales are story-driven voyages that feature new enemies, areas, and mechanics.

During this stream, they had a Q&A segment where questions were supplied from people in the stream chat. Below are the 25 questions asked about Tall Tales and their answers!


How many Tall Tales will be available at launch?
There are 9 Tall Tales that make up the Shores of Gold, they will be available on April 30th.

Do the Tall Tales primarily involve land combat or ship combat?
They only involve land combat, but ship combat can still occur organically.

Can the Tall Tales be completed by a solo player?
Yes, Tall Tales can be completed by a solo player.

Will there be new cosmetics coming with Tall Tales?
Yes, absolutely. There will also be gold and commendations rewarded. Also, there will be a new cosmetic type added.

Are Tall Tales procedurally generated?
The core tale will remain the same; however, the challenges will change with each playthrough.

Are Tall Tales re-playable?
Yes. You will be given new rewards each time you complete the same Tall Tale.

Is Tall Tales a time-limited campaign?
No, Tall Tales will remain permanent in the world.

Are there cutscenes during a Tall Tales voyage?
Yes, but they are done in a way that doesn’t take control away from the player.


How does progression work for friends on different parts of the Tall Tale story?
You have the freedom to play a Tall Tale that one of your crewmates has access to. So essentially, if someone has access to it then all of your crew can play it.

Do you need to complete a Tall Tale in one sitting?
No, Tall Tales will carry over your progression between different sessions.

Do you get a reward for completing all Tall Tales?
You will receive a special reward for completing all Tall Tales and their commendations. No word on what the reward is though.

Can other pirates interrupt your Tall Tale adventure?
They can. Although Rare has a clever way to isolate you from other crews if you gain access to a hidden area.

What happens if you die during a Tall Tale?
It’s the same system as in the main world.

Can other pirates steal Tall Tales items? If so, what happens?
Yes, Tall Tales items can be stolen. If you don’t get it back, then you must go back to the original quest-giver and restart. Protect your items!

Do the Tall Tales change based on level?
No, but the difficulty will scale based on your crew size.

How long does each Tall Tale take to complete?
Originally the goal for each one was 1 hour, but the developers got carried away with some of them.

Can you complete a voyage while on a Tall Tale?
Yes, you can place voyages and Tall Tales next to each other on the voyage table.


Will there be new skeletons in Tall Tales?
Yes, as we saw in the trailer. There will also be new types we haven’t seen yet that have new looks and behaviors.

Will the new skeletons have any special abilities?
Yes, they will challenge you in new and interesting ways.

What is a Shroudbreaker?
It’s a fabled and magical artifact.

Will constellations be incorporated into the stories (as we saw from the trailer)?
Yes, the developers have wanted to do that for a while.

Can you go to the Shores of Gold whenever you want with the Shroudbreaker?
To go back to the Shores of Gold, you’ll need to replay the Tall Tale for it.

Can you re-read the Tall Tales books?
To re-read the books, you’ll need to replay the Tall Tale.

Will anything change with the Trading Companies when playing Tall Tales?
You may perceive them differently.

Do any of the Tall Tales require cooperation between different crews?
All tales will naturally encourage cooperation, so it’s in your best interest.

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