20 Questions Answered About The Hunter’s Call

Recently Rare hosted a stream showcasing a preview of the upcoming new trading company, The Hunter’s Call. The Hunter’s Call is a trading company that focuses on cooking and fishing. It also is directly related to another new feature coming in the Anniversary Update: harpoons.

During this stream, they had a Q&A segment where questions were supplied from people in the stream chat. Below are the 20 questions asked about The Hunter’s Call and their answers!

Before getting into that though, some questions reference a regeneration pool. This refers to the new mechanic when eating food. If you eat food, you will actually gain “extra” health so if you end up being damaged by something, the regeneration pool will replenish your health for you.


Will there be new cosmetics coming with The Hunter’s Call?
Yes there will be new cosmetics for: fishing rods, new ship set (Merrick’s ship called “Killer Whale”)

Will we carry more than 5 planks now?
No, you will still carry 5 planks.

Where can we talk to The Hunter’s Call NPCs?
The Hunter’s Call will be present at Seaposts.

Can you achieve Pirate Legend with The Hunter’s Call?
Yes, if you reach level 50 in The Hunter’s Call and two other trading companies you will achieve Pirate Legend. Pirate Legend now requires 3 out of 5 trading companies to be maxed out.


How does cooking work in Sea of Thieves?
Cooking is simple, you don’t have to watch it and items will cook by themselves.

How do you know when something is done cooking?
The item you are cooking will change color starting in it’s raw form, then under-cooked, then cooked, and then burned.

Will food that is cooked give you more money from The Hunter’s Call?
Under-cooked food will give you less money, health, and may cause you to be sick.

Does every food fill up your regeneration pool?
Only cooked and under-cooked food will add to your regeneration pool.

Will you be adding more food types after the Anniversary update?
Maybe. At launch there will be coconuts, mangoes, pineapples (full 100 HP heal per bite, 2 bites total), bananas, pomegranates, fish, and various types of meat.

Where can you cook food in Sea of Thieves?
You are able to cook food on any ship type and on any campfire throughout the world.

Can you cook fruit?
You are able to cook fruit, but fruit will always burn.


Now that fishing is in Sea of Thieves, are there rare fish we can catch?
Yes there are rare fish, but it more so in the chance of finding a specific species of the fish.

Can you fish up treasure?
You cannot fish up treasure, but you can fish up rubbish, such as bones and boots.

Can you fish while sailing?
Yes, you can fish while moving on a ship.

Do fish give any special effects after eating them?
Eating a fish will add to your regeneration pool.


Will gunpowder barrels explode from a harpoon?
Yes, gunpowder barrels will explode upon impact.

Are Galleons immune to harpoons?
No, every ship can be struck by a harpoon; however, everything is physics based (bigger ship will be able to reel in smaller ship, etc.)

Can harpoon lines snap?

Are there cosmetics for harpoons?

Will Skeleton Ships have harpoons equipped?
No, they will not have harpoons equipped.

Check out Rare’s preview stream below.

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