20 Questions Answered About The Arena

Recently Rare hosted a stream showcasing a preview of the upcoming Sea of Thieves PVP mode, The Arena. During this stream, they had a Q&A segment where questions were supplied from people in the stream chat. Below are the 24 questions asked about The Arena and their answers!

How long are matches for The Arena?
Matches for The Arena will last 24 minutes, which is one full day in Sea of Thieves.

Will The Arena have all 3 ship types?
At launch, The Arena will only have galleons and Rare will be trying to make the PVP mode as balanced as possible. After launch, they’ll look into adding the Sloop and Brigantine as ships in The Arena, but for now they are focused on four person crews.

How does scoring work in The Arena?
In The Arena, you get points for digging up chests, more points for cashing in chests, points for killing other players and points for hitting other ships with cannonballs. You will get more points for chests and ship combat, rather than player combat.

How will voice chat work in The Arena?
Voice chat in The Arena will work the same as Adventure mode – it will be proximity based.

How will matchmaking work in The Arena?
You will be able to join The Arena in a closed or open crew.

Will the Sea Dogs Trading Company count towards Pirate Legend?
In the Anniversary Update, Rare is introducing the Sea Dogs and The Hunter’s Call trading companies, bringing the total number of trading companies in the game to 5. In order to reach Pirate Legend, you will just need to hit Level 50 in 3 of the 5 trading companies.

Will we ever see 8 players on a Galleon in Sea of Thieves?
At the launch of the Anniversary Update, no. Rare is open to experimentation though.

Can you enter and exit the Sea Dog Tavern in Adventure mode?
In Adventure mode, you can see the exterior of the tavern and interact with NPCs outside it, but you cannot enter it. The only way to enter the Sea Dog Tavern is by selecting The Arena on the main menu. The reason the Sea Dog Tavern exists in Adventure mode is so that it feels integrated within the game’s lore.

Are the new expanded ship damage changes only present in The Arena?
The new changes are in both The Arena and Adventure mode.

How big are the maps for The Arena?
There are different sized arenas in The Arena, but every arena consist of the Devil’s Shroud circling around a group of islands from the larger map.

Will there be world leaderboard in The Arena?
There will be no world leaderboards for The Arena at launch. Rare is having conversations around what stats they would want to make public for The Arena.

If your ship sinks in The Arena, are you out or can you respawn?
In The Arena, you will not be out if your ship sinks; however, you will lose points every time your ship sinks.

Will rowboats be available in The Arena?
At launch, rowboats will not be available in The Arena. Rare is working on implementing them for the future.

Will gunpowder barrels be in The Arena?
At launch, there will be no gunpowder barrels in The Arena. Rare is working on balancing them for The Arena, since they can have such a large impact on the game.

Will there be new achievements for The Arena?
There will be new achievements in the Anniversary Update around The Arena, Tall Tales, and The Hunter’s Call.

Will nameplates be visible in The Arena?
Nameplates work the same way in The Arena as they do in Adventure mode.

Can you see other ships on your map in The Arena?
Yes, you will be able to see other ships on your map table in The Arena. You will also be notified when a specific crew digs up a chest.

Will storms and fog be present in The Arena?
Yes, storms and fog will be in The Arena.

Will there be matches in The Devil’s Roar?
At launch, The Devil’s Roar will not make an appearance for Arena matches. Rare is working on balancing the volcanoes before implementing.

How many supplies on your ship do you start with in The Arena?
You will start with a ton of supplies, as the focus is on combat and not resource-gathering.

Click here to watch the entire preview stream for The Arena.