Tips For Leveling Up The Order of Souls

Beware all ye who wish to embark on these treacherous voyages!

The Order of Souls is the place where you can test your pirate mettle against all kinds of skeletons scattered throughout the world of Sea of Thieves. Some even say that this Trading Company is the hardest to master, but with these Order of Souls tips you will soon be a formidable force leaving skeleton captains shaking in their boots when they see your ship in the horizon!

The Devil’s Roar Is Your Friend!

The Devil’s Roar may seem too dangerous for most, but with a little extra effort you will be completing Order of Souls voyages faster than ever before!

First, head over to Morrow’s Peak Outpost to stock up on Devil’s Roar voyages for the Order of Souls. Then it’s time to set sail to your first island!

Each island in the Devil’s Roar has active geysers and, in most cases, these geysers can prove to be rather annoying, but not when on an Order of Souls voyage! Once you arrive at your island, simply wait until the geysers start going off. Once they do, you can easily lure the skeletons into the geysers and it will destroy them for you! This method lets the island do the work for you and the geysers will destroy any skeleton in one hit regardless of whether it’s a golden, plant, shadow, or regular type!

Be sure to stock up on food before setting foot on the island, as you will most likely be thrust in the air by the geysers unintentionally.

The Devil’s Roar is also a great region to complete Order of Souls voyages in because the islands are relatively close together compared to the rest of the map. You will also receive the Ashen variants of skulls, which are worth more!

Choose Your Voyages Wisely!

Even though completing voyages is important it is not always necessary. One of the best ways to quickly gather skulls for the Order of Souls is to choose voyages that have multiple Skeleton Captains on small islands. This allows you to quickly get back into the action should you die (you will) and it also makes it possible to maneuver your ship into a position where you can lead the skeletons on the beach and then blast them with your cannons!

Once you have done all the small islands in a certain voyage, cancel the voyage, vote for another and repeat! You will have plenty of skulls in no time!

Different Skeleton Types, Beware!

Out on your adventures you will run into all different types of skeletons, each of which require a unique approach to dispatch them in a timely manner

Regular Skeletons
Nothing special about them, just shoot, chop, and cannonball them to your hearts content!

Plant Skeletons
These skeletons are distinguished by the plants they have growing out of them. Plant skeletons are weaker to the cutlass, but will also heal if they are in the water or in the rain.

Shadow Skeletons
These guys are easy to spot because they are dark as the night. If you run into them during the day, you can treat them as if they were regular skeletons. If you run into them at night, you have to raise your lantern at them in order to make them vulnerable. You will know if you did it correctly because the skeletons will have a stunned animation.

Golden Skeletons
Hands down these are the toughest skeletons. They are very slow but super tough. You can use your sword against them but if you are trying to be quick about it, a sword is not the way to go. Firearms and cannons work best against Golden Skeletons. In order to make them more vulnerable to damage, you will need to splash a bucket of water on them. This will cause them to rust and slow down.

If you use the Devil’s Roar method above, you won’t have to worry much about what skeleton type you are facing, but hopefully these skeleton tips help just in case you do have to worry!