Tips For Leveling Up The Merchant Alliance

Welcome to the Merchant Alliance!

Looking for some decent gold? Then you have come to the right place.

Definitely the most underrated and overlooked Trading Company, the Merchant Alliance is actually a great place to make a lot of gold in a rather short time. Not sure where to start? That’s alright, just follow these tips and you will become a Master Merchant in no time!

Simultaneous Cargo Runs!

Cargo Runs are specific Merchant Alliance voyages that you require you to transport fragile cargo to a specific location. The good thing about Cargo Runs is that you can have these voyages active while working on other voyages. This allows you to fill your ship up with cargo and makes it so you only need to worry about transporting them safely to their destination.

There are currently 3 different types of cargo: plants, cloth, and rum. Each one requires a different type of care.

Plants must be watered consistently. The best strategy for this is to fill the bottom deck of your ship up with a few buckets of water and to leave the plants down there.

Cloth cannot get wet. So keep any cloth out of the rain and sea. Rowboats are very important when it comes to cloth, unless you’re an excellent captain and can get your ship within jumping distance to the dock.

Rum bottles are very fragile. Avoid jumping and anything that seems dangerous (skeletons, volcanoes, geysers, etc.)

Collecting Animals! (Noah’s Ark)

This one is a classic Merchant Alliance trick, however it takes some time and is usually best done with a crew. It involves collecting tons of animals and then just delivering them to where they need to go.

It works like this:
– Vote for a voyage, collect all animal crates from the Merchant Alliance NPC
– Repeat the previous step until you have a bunch of animal crates
– Keep placing a voyage down until you find one that requires you to get Gold or Black animals (they are worth the most)
– While you are collecting the animals for this voyage, collect any extra gold/black animals that you see (be careful with pigs though, they require feeding and too many pigs can get annoying)
– Turn in the required animals for your active voyage, but keep the animals you didn’t use to turn in
– Place another voyage until you find one that requires Gold or Black animals.
– Then sail to that outpost to deliver the animals you already have!

Learn the Map and Plan Your Voyages!

This is one of the most important parts of being a good Merchant, and overall great Sea of Thieves player! After receiving your voyage, its best to visit the map table and see what islands are in between where you are and where you need to go.

Not all islands will have what you need but chances are there will be several islands between the outposts, without requiring you to sail too far out of your way.

After enough voyages you will pick up which islands have what you need and then it becomes second nature when sailing.

This ties into just learning the map in general. A good pirate can navigate a map, but a great pirate can navigate without one.

Sea of Thieves Interactive Map!

Our friends at RareThief have created an interactive Sea of Thieves map, giving you the perfect opportunity to learn about every island!
Check Out The Map!

Message in a Bottle!

On islands you can find Messages in Bottles dug into the sand. Occasionally, when you find a message in a bottle it will require you to fill up a crate with bananas/cannonballs/wooden planks. If you receive one of these and pick up a crate, simply stop by an empty Skeleton Fort and fill up the crate. Then deliver the crate to the outpost that is required, easy money!

Skeleton Forts!

Skeleton Forts are a great way to level up the Merchant Alliance quickly, especially since they appear so frequently. I would recommend completing them with at least a crew of 3, as things will go much more smoothly! Once you complete a Skeleton Fort (you can find them by going to the Fortress beneath the giant skull cloud), the vault will possess some truly great Merchant Alliance loot. There will always be a Stronghold Gunpowder Barrel and an Ancient Bone Dust crate in the vault. You’ll also be able to turn in the gunpowder barrels and any other crates you find in the vault!