Tips For Leveling Up The Gold Hoarders

Got gold on your mind? Want to find as many chests are possible? You have come to the right place, for all Gold Hoarders have one thing on their mind…


As the bread and butter of all pirates in the Sea of Thieves, these Gold Hoarder tips will soon become second nature to you and you will be rolling in your own personal pile of gold!

Choose ‘X Marks The Spot’ Voyages!

Gold Hoarder voyages come in 2 different variants: X Marks The Spot & Riddles.

Riddles will only provide you with 1 chest per island, but X Marks The Spot voyages can have up to 8 chests per island! So you’ll want to prioritize X Marks The Spot voyages over riddles!

Keep cancelling voyages that have too many riddles until you get one that has a satisfactory number of X Marks The Spots. If you have a friend that is a higher level in Gold Hoarder, be sure to let them place their voyages down as there is a higher chance for better voyages with them!

It is very satisfying digging into the ground and hearing that fantastic thunk sound! Be careful when doing this though, as sometimes that sound can disturb the skeletons around the chest and they will attempt to fight you for it!

Grind Skeleton Forts!

Skeleton Forts are a great way to level up the Gold Hoarders quickly, especially since they appear so frequently. I would recommend completing them with at least a crew of 3, as things will go much more smoothly! Once you complete a Skeleton Fort (you can find them by going to the Fortress beneath the giant skull cloud), the vault will possess some truly great chests. There will always be a Skeleton Fortress Chest as well as a few other regular chests in the vault. In addition to chests, the vault will always have multiple trinkets which can help level you up quickly!

The Devil’s Roar – For Experience Players Only!

If you’re an experienced Sea of Thieves player, then The Devil’s Roar is a great region to complete Gold Hoarders voyages in because the islands are relatively close together compared to the rest of the map. It may be difficult at times to dig up chests as the geysers are going off but you will always receive the Ashen variants of chests, which are worth more!

Once you have done all the small islands in a certain voyage, cancel the voyage, vote for another and repeat! You will have plenty of skulls in no time!

Different Skeleton Types, Beware!

Out on your adventures you will run into all different types of skeletons, each of which require a unique approach to dispatch them in a timely manner

Regular Skeletons
Nothing special about them, just shoot, chop, and cannonball them to your hearts content!

Plant Skeletons
These skeletons are distinguished by the plants they have growing out of them. Plant skeletons are weaker to the cutlass, but will also heal if they are in the water or in the rain.

Shadow Skeletons
These guys are easy to spot because they are dark as the night. If you run into them during the day, you can treat them as if they were regular skeletons. If you run into them at night, you have to raise your lantern at them in order to make them vulnerable. You will know if you did it correctly because the skeletons will have a stunned animation.

Golden Skeletons
Hands down these are the toughest skeletons. They are very slow but super tough. You can use your sword against them but if you are trying to be quick about it, a sword is not the way to go. Firearms and cannons work best against Golden Skeletons. In order to make them more vulnerable to damage, you will need to splash a bucket of water on them. This will cause them to rust and slow down.

Hopefully these tips can help you level up the Gold Hoarders quickly so that you get one step closer to Pirate Legend!