How To Score Points In The Arena

The Arena is the new competitive PVP mode in Sea of Thieves, thanks to the huge Anniversary Update.

Arena matches are 24 minutes long and feature 5 galleons trying to turn in as much treasure as possible. Turning in treasure, however, isn’t the only way to get points in The Arena.

Find out below on how scoring in The Arena works!

Killing a Player: 5 points

Hitting a cannonball shot: 25 points

Digging up a chest: 100 points

Delivering a chest: 1,000 points

When your own ship sinks: -1,000 points

And it’s as simple as that.

You may be wondering, where do you deliver the chests once you dig them up? Deliver them to one of the two ship outposts, they will have red smoke above them.

Since each Arena match is only 24 minutes long, you’ll want to be efficient with how you’re scoring points. Hitting your cannonball shots can make all the difference in a game, so be sure to capitalize on those opportunities whenever you can. Don’t worry about the supplies, your ship is stocked with plenty of them.

Find A Crew!

The Sea of Thieves HQ Discord server is a great place to find a crew to play with! Join players doing Tall Tales, competing in the Arena, or just sailing!

Also, don’t focus on killing players. They’re really not worth it. Of course, it’s fine to kill them if they’re in your way but don’t go out of your way to defeat them. Focus on sinking ships and delivering chests. Being able to get 1,000 points from a chest and take away 1,000 points from an enemy team is a lot sweeter than getting 25 points from killing a player.

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