Shroudbreaker Tall Tale Guide

The first tale in the Shores of Gold Tall Tales is the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale. Tall Tales are the new enhanced quest system in Sea of Thieves that was introduced with the Anniversary Update. It’s essentially a campaign mode in the world of Sea of Thieves. So let’s get into this Shroudbreaker Tall Tale guide!

Step 1 – Starting the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale

You can start this Tall Tale by visiting any Tavern and heading towards the Mysterious Stranger. There will be a barrel next to them and you can vote on the Tall Tale atop the barrel. Once you have voted, you will be able to find the Tall Tale book in your map radial menu.

Shroudbreaker Tall Tale

After listening to the Mysterious Stranger discuss the Shroudbreaker, it’s time to set sail!

Step 2 – Finding the Magpie’s Wing Ship’s Log

The first island you need to head to is an uncharted island.

Sail to N13, you’ll find a small island.

There will be a sunken ship there on the North West side. Dive down there and retrieve the ship’s log from the Captain’s Quarters.

Finding this ship’s log will unlock The Lost Voyage commendation and will add more pages to your Tall Tale book.

Step 3 – Find the Ancient Chest

Now that you have new pages in your Tall Tale book, you’ll be able to find the Ancient Chest. This step is procedurally generated, so the steps during this part can change each time you play the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale.

You’ll want to use your map table or RareThief’s interactive map for this next part.

Find The Island

Ancient Chest Island Directions

Even though each time you play the Tall Tale the directions will be different, we can still help guide you with some helpful navigation hints below. Each island will have it’s own phrase in the book.

If your book has the phrase below, then it is most likely referring to the location listed.

Chain/Clump of IslandsSnake Island
Fortified IslandNearby Fort
Tangled Nest of IslandsShark Bait Cove
Large Island with Tall ArchesThieves’ Haven
Small Shallow IslesOld Salts Atoll

Find another location that not listed? Let us know!

Paradise Spring is one of the more common islands that you’ll end up to find the Ancient Chest.

It has also been found at: Devil’s Ridge, Snake Island, Chicken Isle, Lookout Point, Cutlass Cay, and Fool’s Lagoon.

Find The Ancient Chest On The Island

Now that you’re on the correct island, it’s time to find the Ancient Chest.

The Tall Tale book will note the side of the island that the crew dropped the chest off, so be sure to keep that in mind.

If they mention top, it’s on the North side. If they mention bottom, it’s on the South side.

Once you figure out the correct side of the island, time to go diving! The Ancient Chest will sparkle if you are far enough away, so you can attempt to utilize that feature. If not, just look for the Ancient Chest about 30 feet from the island (image below).

Ancient Chest

Once you get the chest aboard, open it up and you’ll find a Totem!

You can find 6 different Totems, each one leading you to a different island to open the vault.

Boar TotemDevil’s Ridge
Scarab TotemCrook’s Hollow
Moon TotemCrescent Isle
Crab TotemUncharted Isle at N13
Shark TotemKraken’s Fall
Snake TotemMermaid’s Hideaway

Sail to the island associated with your Totem.

Step 4 – Find The Ancient Vault

You now have to place the Totem you have next to the Ancient Vault on the corresponding island. Once you do this, you will unlock the Vault of the Ancients commendation.

Many people struggle finding the lock, but you can easily find it if you know what the lock looks like (shown below).

Ancient Vault Lock

The lock is a small square on a stone like above, and will be close to the Ancient Vault. Below is a list of the Ancient Vault locations.

IslandAncient Vault Location
Devil’s RidgeSoutheast Beach
Crook’s HollowSouth Cave, behind the waterfall
Crescent IsleNorthern Cave
Uncharted Isle at N13Underwater Cave, near workbench
Kraken’s FallNorthwest side, under archway
Mermaid’s HideawayNorth side of huge archway

Step 5 – Ancient Vault Puzzle

Once you place the Totem down, you’ll see the vault door open. In the Ancient Vault you will see an altar.

Before you start the puzzle, look at the last page of your Tall Tale book. This page will give you the answers to the upcoming puzzle.

To start the puzzle, you need to light all four braziers—one on each of the altar’s four corners.

Ancient Vault Puzzle

There are 4 columns that each have a rotating block. Once you rotate the block, a different symbol is shown. You’ll want to look at the last page of your book, and match the patterns to the blocks. Starting from top to bottom, the first row is the first puzzle, second row is the second puzzle, etc.

Once you place the blocks in the correct order for the first row, go back to the altar and hit the button that says “Enter Solution.”

Repeat this process for all 4 rows in your Tall Tale book.

Be sure to do this quickly, as the room will fill up with water and you will drown if you take too long! If you die, you will need to restart the entire Shroudbreaker Tall Tale.

Step 6 – Collect The Vault Medallions

Once you complete the block puzzle, a location will appear on the altar.

Ancient Vault Altar

The location shown is on the same island you are on. Find the location, and dig up the vault medallion shown in the image (the gold circle shown).

Once you dig up a medallion, new Coral Skeletons will spawn so be prepared to fight!

A new location will appear on the altar after you dig up each medallion. You’ll need to dig up 3 medallions in total.

Having trouble finding Vault Medallions? Our friends are RareThief have a great interactive map that can help!

Step 7 – Return the Shroudbreaker

Once you place all the medallions in the altar, you will reveal the Shroudbreaker!

Return to your ship and be careful, as there will be a lot of skeletons spawning since you completed the puzzle. While you escape, you will receive The Key to Adventure commendation.

Return to any Mysterious Stranger at any Tavern and give him the Shroudbreaker. You have completed the Shroudbreaker Tall Tale!

You will receive 3,000 gold and The Shroudbreaker commendation.

Next Up…

The Mysterious Stranger will send you to Olivia at Plunder Outpost for The Cursed Rogue Tall Tale. You can find Olivia in the Order of Souls tent.

We hope this Shroudbreaker Tall Tale Guide helped you in your adventures.