How To Join the Insider Program in Sea of Thieves

The Insider Program for Sea of Thieves is a testing ground for new features and mechanics that aren’t publicly available in the full game yet.

Originally, the Insider Program was dubbed the Pioneer Program and was invite-only. Recently, though, Rare has opened the doors to the Insider Program to anyone. So if you’re looking to try out the latest features in Sea of Thieves, please read below.


This program is under an NDA, which means you cannot share any information relating to the Insider Program outside of the Insider Forums on the Sea of Thieves official website. Please read through the NDA before opting into the program.

Step #1

Go to

Step #2

Click “Login” under the section that reads “What is the Insider Programme?” and login to your Microsoft account

Step #3

Read through the NDA and agree to it’s terms.

Step #4

You’re now enrolled into the Insider Program! Download the Sea of Thieves Insider build of the game by opening the Xbox Insider Hub application. In that application you will find a download for the build.

Step #5

That’s it! Now enjoy testing brand new features coming to Sea of Thieves!

Be sure to submit feedback about the Insider build on the official Sea of Thieves Insider forums. Rare depends on our feedback to help make the game better, so please be constructive and contribute on the forums often.