How To Get To Pirate Legend Fast

So you want to get to Pirate Legend as fast as possible?

Things you’ll need:
– A decent time commitment into Sea of Thieves
– A crew of at least 3 that can play with you regularly

Below are a few of the adventures you can embark on to expedite you journey to become a Pirate Legend!

Sail with another Pirate Legend!

Pirate Legends have access to a special type of voyage called Athena voyages. These voyages are the best ones in the game and provide consistently great loot for all 3 trading companies. In addition to great loot, these voyages also conclude with an Athena Chest, which will help rank up your Athena rank.

And yes, you can level up your Athena rank without being a Pirate Legend.

Want to find a Pirate Legend to play with? Join our Discord.

Form Alliances!

Alliances can be tricky but believe it or not there are other friendly pirates out there. When you’re in an alliance, your crew will receive 50% value of whatever another crew turns in and vice versa. So you can expedite your journey to Pirate Legend easily!

To be efficient, you would want each crew in your alliance completing different tasks in the game. So whether your crew is doing a Skeleton Fort and another crew is completing voyages, you’ll want to split your time us to that you’re getting loot at the highest rate possible.

Be careful about other crews in alliances though, they can’t always be trusted.

Skeleton Forts/Skeleton Ship Fleets

Skeleton Forts are a great way to level up the Gold Hoarders and Merchant Alliance quickly, especially since they appear so frequently. I would recommend completing them with at least a crew of 3, as things will go much more smoothly! Once you complete a Skeleton Fort (you can find them by going to the Fortress beneath the giant skull cloud), the vault will possess some truly great loot. Unfortunately, forts don’t contain much loot for the Order of Souls but you’ll still get some reputation for them.

As for Skeleton Ship Fleets, they may take longer than Skeleton Forts, but if you can stock up on gunpowder barrels you should have no issue taking them down. If you’re in an Alliance, I’d highly recommend working together to take down the Skeleton Ship Fleets.

Mermaid Gems!

Around the world, you will find glowing Mermaid Statues that will glow either blue, green, or red. If you destroy these statues, they will drop a gem associated with the color of the statue. These gems can be turned into ANY trading company!

Blue statues are the easiest to destroy and will give you a blue gem worth 1,000 gold when turning them in.

Green statues are moderate to destroy and will give you a green gem worth 1,500 gold when turning them in.

Red statues are the toughest to destroy and will give you a red gem worth 2,000 gold when turning them in.


Gold isn’t the only currency in Sea of Thieves. Doubloons are rewarded when completing specific commendations. If you open your inventory menu and head to the Reputation tab, you’ll see the Bilge Rat Adventures section. In this section, there are different challenges that you have to complete to earn doubloons.

Once you earn doubloons, you can head to Duke in any of the Taverns. He will offer a “Letter of Recommendation” for each trading company. Purchasing these will level you up one full rank in whichever trading company you choose. They cost 30 doubloons per level.

Lastly, just a reminder that Sea of Thieves is a beautifully crafted game and although Pirate Legend is exciting, be sure to take a moment to enjoy the game for what it is. Drink up those stunning sunsets and appreciate the atmosphere of the game before grinding your heart out!

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