Achievements for the Anniversary Update

The Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update comes with a ton of new features, including fishing and cooking, but it also comes with new achievements.

There is a total of 1,000 Gamerscore that you can achieve.

The Arena

Rum ‘n’ Bass (10G) 
“In The Arena, form a crew of four and play your instruments during a contest.”

Pints Mean Prizes (10G) 
“In The Arena, deliver a chest during a contest – while drunk!”

Glorious Sea Dog (10G) 
“Purchase the Glorious Sea Dog Jacket, Hat, Hook and Gloves.”

Nice Pirates Finish Last (20G) 
“In The Arena, deliver a stolen chest during a contest.”

Hot Tub Crime Machine (25G) 
“In The Arena’s tavern, get at least one member of each crew into the hot tub at the same time.”

Capture the Swag (30G) 
“In The Arena, deliver a chest within the first five minutes of a contest.”

Fortune and Glory (30G) 
“In The Arena, have 15 chests in your crew’s possession at the same time during a contest.”

Show Your Colours (30G) 
“In The Arena, take part in a contest using every single colour of ship.”

Captain of Silvered Waters (30G) 
“Receive the Commendation for placing in the top three 100 times in The Arena.”

Champion of Silvered Waters (50G) 
“Receive the Commendation for placing first 100 times in The Arena.”

Legend of Silvered Waters (50G) 
“Receive the Commendation for placing first 100 times in The Arena as a Pirate Legend.”

Sailor of Silvered Waters (35) 
“Receive the Commendation for completing 200 contests in The Arena.”

Master of The Arena (35) 
“Purchase the Arena Master Promotion from the Sea Dogs Trading Company.”

The Hunter’s Call

Dining With the Stars (5G) 
“Cook a piece of food on a campfire at night.”

Well Done! (5G) 
“Burn a piece of food.”

Not So Well Done (5G) 
“Become sick from undercooked food.”

Five a Day (5G) 
“Eat at least one piece of every kind of fruit.”

Another Pirate’s Treasure (5G) 
“Deliver a piece of treacherous loot to The Hunter’s Call.”

Night Bite (10G) 
“Deliver a luminescent fish to The Hunter’s Call.”

A Rare Delicacy (10G) 
“Deliver a rare coloured fish to The Hunter’s Call.”

Meat and Greet (10G) 
“Deliver every kind of cooked meat to The Hunter’s Call.”

Hunter of Trophy Fish (20G) 
“Receive the Commendation for delivering 25 Trophy Fish to The Hunter’s Call.”

Hook, Line and Sinker (30G) 
“Deliver at least one of every kind of fish to The Hunter’s Call.”

Legendary Hunter of the Sea of Thieves (50G) 
“Receive the Commendation for completing 57 Grade 5 Hunter’s Call Commendations.”

Master of the Hunters (20G) 
“Purchase the Master Hunter Promotion from The Hunter’s Call Trading Company.”

Tall Tales

The Shroudbreaker (10G) 
“Complete ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale.”

The Cursed Rogue (10G) 
“Complete ‘The Cursed Rogue’ Tall Tale.”

The Legendary Storyteller (10G) 
“Complete ‘The Legendary Storyteller’ Tall Tale.”

Star of a Thief (10G) 
“Complete the ‘Stars of a Thief’ Tall Tale.”

Wild Rose (10G) 
“Complete the ‘Wild Rose’ Tall Tale.”

The Art of the Trickster (10G) 
“Complete ‘The Art of the Trickster’ Tall Tale.”

The Fate of the Morningstar (10G) 
“Complete ‘The Fate of the Morningstar’ Tall Tale.”

Revenge of the Morningstar (10G) 
“Complete the ‘Revenge of the Morningstar’ Tall Tale.”

The Shores of Gold (10G) 
“Complete ‘The Shores of Gold’ Tall Tale.”

A Sunken Legacy (30G) 
“Receive all Commendations for ‘The Shroudbreaker’ Tall Tale.”

Fateful Memories (30G) 
“Receive all Commendations for ‘The Cursed Rogue’ Tall Tale.”

Sea of Dreams (30G) 
“Receive all Commendations for ‘The Legendary Storyteller’ Tall Tale.”

The Stolen Sky (30G) 
“Receive all Commendations for the ‘Stars of a Thief’ Tall Tale.”

Always Yours (30G) 
“Receive all Commendations for the ‘Wild Rose’ Tall Tale.”

The Trickster’s Folly (30G) 
“Receive all Commendations for ‘The Art of the Trickster’ Tall Tale.”

The Unbroken Bond (30G) 
“Receive all Commendations for ‘The Fate of the Morningstar’ Tall Tale.”

The Morningstar Rises (30G) 
“Receive all Commendations for ‘The Revenge of the Morningstar’ Tall Tale.”

Seeker of Grand Adventure (130G) 
“Receive all Commendations for all the Shores of Gold Tall Tales.”


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What Time Does The Anniversary Update Release?

UPDATE: The Anniversary Update has been delayed by 2 hours.

The Anniversary Update is out NOW!

Find A Crew!

The Sea of Thieves HQ Discord server is a great place to find a crew to play with! Join players doing Tall Tales, competing in the Arena, or just sailing!

Anniversary Update Release Time

The Anniversary Update for Sea of Thieves is the largest update the game has ever seen. It includes features such as fishing, cooking, a new enhanced quest system, a new competitive PVP mode, and more!

With the release coming tomorrow on April 30th, many people are wondering: What time does the Anniversary Update come out?

Well we’ve got the answer.

The Anniversary Update for Sea of Thieves will be out by 4pm BST.

For those of you in different timezones, we’ve converted them below for you:

11am EST (Delayed Time: 1pm EST)

10am CST (Delayed Time: 12pm CST)

8am PST (Delayed Time: 10am PST)

5pm CEST (Delayed Time: 7pm CEST)

1am AEST (May 1st) (Delayed Time: 3am AEST)

12am JST (May 1st) (Delayed Time: 2am JST)

So if you’re wondering what time the Anniversary Update comes out for Sea of Thieves, we’re hoping you know now. Of course, this is based off of the maintenance window that Rare gave us, so it may end up going live a bit earlier or later than that.

You can expect the servers to be filled once the Anniversary Update releases, so please be patient and allow Rare to relieve some of the server congestion over time.

The Anniversary Update includes a ton of great new features, you can find out more about them here.

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Watch Sea of Thieves on Mixer To Get Free Obsidian Items

Starting on April 30th, when the Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update releases, you will be able to earn the entire Obsidian Item pack for free.

The Obsidian Six Item pack includes:

  • Obsidian Eye of Reach (Obsidian Sniper)
  • Obsidian Spyglass
  • Obsidian Watch
  • Obsidian Drum
  • Obsidian Lantern
  • Obsidian Speaking Trumpet

Here’s a quick summary on the details, but we’ll explain more down below.

When: April 30th – May 5th

Where: Streams on Mixer with a loot icon

How: Watch 30 Arena matches from April 30th to May 5th

How To Get The Obsidian Item Pack in Sea of Thieves

  1. Make sure you are signed into Mixer with your Microsoft account. Use the same account that you play Sea of Thieves on.
  2. Tune into a Sea of Thieves stream that has the Mixer Loot icon.
  3. Watch 30 Arena matches from April 30th to May 5th.
  4. That’s it!

You can track your progress inside Mixer’s settings panel, where you can click the “My Loot” button to see how many more Arena matches you have to watch.

Mixer Loot is a new feature from Mixer, where viewers can watch specific streams to earn digital items, first up being the Obsidian Item Pack from Sea of Thieves. They’re using the same system as their HypeZone to identify and track how many matches someone has watched.

Follow us on Mixer to watch us play The Arena when it launches!

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25 Questions Answered About Tall Tales

Recently Rare hosted a stream showcasing a preview of the upcoming new enhanced quest system, Tall Tales. Tall Tales are story-driven voyages that feature new enemies, areas, and mechanics.

During this stream, they had a Q&A segment where questions were supplied from people in the stream chat. Below are the 25 questions asked about Tall Tales and their answers!


How many Tall Tales will be available at launch?
There are 9 Tall Tales that make up the Shores of Gold, they will be available on April 30th.

Do the Tall Tales primarily involve land combat or ship combat?
They only involve land combat, but ship combat can still occur organically.

Can the Tall Tales be completed by a solo player?
Yes, Tall Tales can be completed by a solo player.

Will there be new cosmetics coming with Tall Tales?
Yes, absolutely. There will also be gold and commendations rewarded. Also, there will be a new cosmetic type added.

Are Tall Tales procedurally generated?
The core tale will remain the same; however, the challenges will change with each playthrough.

Are Tall Tales re-playable?
Yes. You will be given new rewards each time you complete the same Tall Tale.

Is Tall Tales a time-limited campaign?
No, Tall Tales will remain permanent in the world.

Are there cutscenes during a Tall Tales voyage?
Yes, but they are done in a way that doesn’t take control away from the player.


How does progression work for friends on different parts of the Tall Tale story?
You have the freedom to play a Tall Tale that one of your crewmates has access to. So essentially, if someone has access to it then all of your crew can play it.

Do you need to complete a Tall Tale in one sitting?
No, Tall Tales will carry over your progression between different sessions.

Do you get a reward for completing all Tall Tales?
You will receive a special reward for completing all Tall Tales and their commendations. No word on what the reward is though.

Can other pirates interrupt your Tall Tale adventure?
They can. Although Rare has a clever way to isolate you from other crews if you gain access to a hidden area.

What happens if you die during a Tall Tale?
It’s the same system as in the main world.

Can other pirates steal Tall Tales items? If so, what happens?
Yes, Tall Tales items can be stolen. If you don’t get it back, then you must go back to the original quest-giver and restart. Protect your items!

Do the Tall Tales change based on level?
No, but the difficulty will scale based on your crew size.

How long does each Tall Tale take to complete?
Originally the goal for each one was 1 hour, but the developers got carried away with some of them.

Can you complete a voyage while on a Tall Tale?
Yes, you can place voyages and Tall Tales next to each other on the voyage table.


Will there be new skeletons in Tall Tales?
Yes, as we saw in the trailer. There will also be new types we haven’t seen yet that have new looks and behaviors.

Will the new skeletons have any special abilities?
Yes, they will challenge you in new and interesting ways.

What is a Shroudbreaker?
It’s a fabled and magical artifact.

Will constellations be incorporated into the stories (as we saw from the trailer)?
Yes, the developers have wanted to do that for a while.

Can you go to the Shores of Gold whenever you want with the Shroudbreaker?
To go back to the Shores of Gold, you’ll need to replay the Tall Tale for it.

Can you re-read the Tall Tales books?
To re-read the books, you’ll need to replay the Tall Tale.

Will anything change with the Trading Companies when playing Tall Tales?
You may perceive them differently.

Do any of the Tall Tales require cooperation between different crews?
All tales will naturally encourage cooperation, so it’s in your best interest.

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Everything Coming In The Anniversary Update

Sea of Thieves released just over a year ago on March 20th, 2018 exclusively for the Xbox One and PC. Since then, the game has seen five free DLC updates that have vastly updated the landscape of the game. April 30th marks the release of their sixth update (the Anniversary Update) and without a doubt is the largest overall update for the game yet.

There will be various additions such as fishing, cooking, two new trading companies, along with a brand new combat arena for pirates who enjoy battling each other in ruthless competition. Here is a list of all the changes that we know of coming to Sea of Thieves in the Anniversary Update next week.

The Hunter’s Call

Have you maxed out all three trading companies in Sea of Thieves and looking for more to do? Well luckily for you, the Anniversary Update will include The Hunter’s Call! This new trading company will allow you to collect meat, cook meat, and go fishing. It’s run by Merrick (from the Hungering Deep campaign) and his family, which you will be able to find at any Seapost. They will happily give you gold for any meat or fish you deliver to them.

As for fishing, you will be able to fish on land or aboard your ship, but be careful as it is possible for your line to break! You will also be able to cook animal meat or fish on your own ship or in any pot you find on an island. Cooked meals will be much more beneficial for your pirate’s health than just fruit, they will also fill up your regeneration pool.

Have more questions about The Hunter’s Call? We’ve got the answers.

You can also watch a preview of The Hunter’s Call here.

The Arena

We have known about the Arena for a couple months now, but recently some new information has surfaced. For those that haven’t heard, The Arena will be the competitive PVP mode added to the Sea of Thieves in the Anniversary Update.

The Sea Dogs will be a trading company exclusive to The Arena run by two characters from the Sea of Thieves comic book series- Lesedi and DeMarco Singh. The Sea Dogs Tavern will act as a lobby where players can meet with each other before facing off in The Arena.

In this mode there will be 24 minute matches with five galleons competing against each other for treasure. Each ship receives the same treasure maps and must battle to dig up and turn in the most treasure before time expires. This mode will have no Kraken, Megalodon, Gunpowder barrels (at launch), or cursed cannonballs. Although weather events can still occur, such as fog or storms.

Have more questions about The Arena? We’ve got the answers.

You can also watch a preview of The Arena here.

Tall Tales

For those who loved the stories of the Hungering Deep, Cursed Sails, and Forsaken Shores campaigns, a new storyline is here for you to delve into! Tall Tales will comprise different adventures with brand new characters. This is a brand new enhanced quest system that fulfills the potential Sea of Thieves has always had. Discover mysteries, solve puzzles, and evade traps as you venture through new areas never before seen.

Each Tall Tale will have multiple chapters, adding longevity to your adventures. There will also be a variety of Tall Tales that tell different stories about different characters. The first Tall Tale we will be experiencing is the Shores of Gold.

Have more questions about Tall Tales? We’ve got the answers.

New Ship Combat

In addition to the content changes coming to Sea of Thieves, there are also some significant combat changes coming to ships. You will now be able to damage the masts, capstans, and wheels of ships, which will require wooden planks to repair. In addition to that, holes from cannonballs will now expand if they are shot consistently, allowing more water to come into the ship.

These changes will dramatically change how ship combat is played. It increases the amount of strategy needed to take down a ship and also requires a crew to be more focused than ever before. Communication will be vital in making sure your ship stays afloat.

Have more questions about this new expanded ship damage? We’ve got the answers.


A set of harpoons will be added to each ship type. These harpoons will allow you to latch onto ships and reel in objects (barrels, treasure, players). They will play a huge factor in ship combat, allowing ships to create sharp turns and allowing others to keep pace with faster ships.

Oh, and most importantly, you can blow up gunpowder barrels upon impact.

This is everything we know that’s coming to the Anniversary Update next week. We’re confident that Rare will also introduce a slew of bug fixes with this update, as they usually do. This is easily the largest update the game has seen, and Rare probably has some other content up their sleeves that they’ll slip in.

Stay up to date with everything related to the Anniversary Update here.

Is Sea of Thieves Worth It?

Sea of Thieves launched in March 2018, and since then it’s had a rollercoaster reputation. Starting with a rocky launch and then leading into some impressive free content, Sea of Thieves looks to be poised for a solid comeback in the eyes of gamers. But the question most are asking is:

Is Sea of Thieves worth it?

So let’s break down each aspect of Sea of Thieves to see if it’s worth your time and money.


Let’s start at the beginning, and although the launch state of a game these days isn’t something you should judge it by, I think it’s still worth mentioning.

Sea of Thieves was in alpha for a few years prior to launch, although it had minimal features, it was a testing ground for developers to test the core gameplay loop. Unfortunately that part of the game is still technically under NDA, so we can’t say much more about it.

Next up Sea of Thieves had a closed beta and open beta. This was the public’s first real opportunity to try out the game. Although it was limited in content, as a beta should be, it still left players worried about content at launch. Although the beta did not include the Merchant Alliance or Kraken (as well as some smaller features), players still had hope the retail game would deliver.

Launch came around on March 20th, 2018. With the game being launched traditionally and on Xbox Game Pass, Rare saw a massive influx of players and had trouble stabilizing the servers. Once stabilized, players seemed to enjoy the freedom of being a pirate. Sea of Thieves seemed off to a great start.

After a few weeks though, Sea of Thieves started revealing it’s ugly side. The core gameplay loop was just that: a loop. It looped and it looped until it drove players away from the game. There just wasn’t a lot to do in the game. So a good chunk of players flocked to other games while the Sea of Thieves veterans stayed loyal.

Luckily though, Rare wasn’t going to let a rocky launch deter them from delivering great content to the game.

Content – Developer Dedication

Shortly after launch, Rare was hard at work squashing bugs and issuing public statements about the state of the game. But one thing they did that was hard to believe (at the time), is change their content plans completely.

Rare had plans to add pets to the game 3 months after launch. These pets were slated to become microtransactions, the first the game would have seen. But as Rare heard community feedback, they realized that pushing microtranscations into the face of consumers looking for content would only result in more community outrage (take notes EA…).

So they put their microtransaction plans on the back-burner and gave us a roadmap for their content plans. They were going to deliver a bunch of updates until the end of the year.

The best part of those updates though is that they would be completely free.

So let’s take a look at the content timeline since launch to see what Rare has delivered on.

March 20, 2018


Although a rocky launch, Sea of Thieves finally got off the ground.

March 20, 2018
May 29, 2018

The Hungering Deep

Introducing the Megalodon into the world with a brand new campaign.

May 29, 2018
July 31, 2018

Cursed Sails

Bringing AI Skeleton Ships to the world, as well as new types of cannonballs.

July 31, 2018
September 27, 2018

Forsaken Shores

Expanding the map to now include The Devil’s Roar, a new area featuring volcanoes.

September 27, 2018
October 31, 2018

Festival of the Damned

The Halloween event, adding new ways to decorate your ship and your pirate.

October 31, 2018
November 28, 2018

Shrouded Spoils

Increasing the rate of world events, adding more consistent action. Also, fog, really cool fog!

November 28, 2018
April 30, 2019

Anniversary Update

(coming soon)
The largest update the game has seen. Includes fishing, cooking, enhanced quest system, new competitive PVP mode, and so much more.

April 30, 2019

So that’s a ton of content delivered in about 9 months (excluding the Anniversary Update).


In addition to content updates, Rare also introduced Bilge Rat Adventures to the game. Bilge Rat Adventures are essentially special events that offer limited-time cosmetics. These events would typically take place in between content updates, to keep players entertained while waiting.

Some of these events included Mercenary Voyages, Gunpowder Skeletons, and more. Mercenary Voyages are a new type of voyage that essentially sends multiple crews to the same islands in order to find treasure. Gunpowder Skeletons introduced a new type of enemies into the world (skeletons with gunpowder barrels, duh) and you were tasked in killing them in creative ways.

These events introduced a new currency into the world as well: doubloons. You earn doubloons by completing specific tasks the event calls for. Once you earn the doubloons, you can spend them on the limited-time cosmetics.


So on top of all the free content and events Rare has added to the game, they’ve been excellent at community feedback. Everyone from producers to designers to developers have been active in the Sea of Thieves community. With each update or patch they release, there are always a list of fixes or changes that the community has asked for.

In addition to responding to the players via game updates, Rare has also posted a Developer Update video every week. This is where a Rare staff member (usually the infamous Joe Neate), sits down and discusses changes coming to the game. This is something that could easily be done via a text post on their website, but Rare wants to have a more personal relationship with their community.

Rare also has hosted weekly streams with community members for quite a while. They’re taking time out of their day to play some Sea of Thieves and shine some light on great community members.

Rare has been 100% dedicated to the community of Sea of Thieves and their passion for the game has led to some truly great content.


Listen, if you love pirates you’re going to love Sea of Thieves. It’s really the only multiplayer game out there right now that truly makes you feel like a pirate.

Other games make you look like a pirate, talk like a pirate, or even smell (wait, what?) like a pirate.

But Sea of Thieves makes you feel like one.

The game gives you a true sense of freedom. Explore where you want, fight who you want, and set your own intentions. If you want to steal everything in sight, then do it. If you want to be a friendly chap, then do it. If you want to just sail around to enjoy the scenery, then do it. I think you’re getting the point.


So last but certainly not least is the main reason for this article:

Is Sea of Thieves worth the price?

Sea of Thieves launched at $60 and still remains at that for it’s full retail price. However, the game has seen a TON of sales. It is routinely set at 50% off, even when new content for the game drops.

Sea of Thieves is also on Game Pass, which can also be used on PC. Since Sea of Thieves is an Play Anywhere title, if you subscribe to Game Pass you will also own the game on PC.

Game Pass is only $10 per month but is also routinely on sale. Actually, you can purchase 3 months of Game Pass for just $1 right now. Or if you’ve never used Game Pass before, you can activate a 2-week free trial, which would let you try out Sea of Thieves without spending a dime.


So let’s wrap this up.

Sea of Thieves isn’t a perfect game, but it is something special.

If you and your friends want to hop on a ship and play as pirates, this game will exceed your expectations. It’s that simple.

But the true joy in this game is the support it receives, both from the community and Rare. When you have a developer that can recognize the potential of a game in the same eyes as the community, and they actually work on making that potential a reality, then you know you have something special.

Sea of Thieves didn’t have a perfect beginning, but they sure are making it easy to forget about. Especially since this huge Anniversary Update is on the horizon, Sea of Thieves looks to be in the best spot it’s ever been in.

20 Questions Answered About The Hunter’s Call

Recently Rare hosted a stream showcasing a preview of the upcoming new trading company, The Hunter’s Call. The Hunter’s Call is a trading company that focuses on cooking and fishing. It also is directly related to another new feature coming in the Anniversary Update: harpoons.

During this stream, they had a Q&A segment where questions were supplied from people in the stream chat. Below are the 20 questions asked about The Hunter’s Call and their answers!

Before getting into that though, some questions reference a regeneration pool. This refers to the new mechanic when eating food. If you eat food, you will actually gain “extra” health so if you end up being damaged by something, the regeneration pool will replenish your health for you.


Will there be new cosmetics coming with The Hunter’s Call?
Yes there will be new cosmetics for: fishing rods, new ship set (Merrick’s ship called “Killer Whale”)

Will we carry more than 5 planks now?
No, you will still carry 5 planks.

Where can we talk to The Hunter’s Call NPCs?
The Hunter’s Call will be present at Seaposts.

Can you achieve Pirate Legend with The Hunter’s Call?
Yes, if you reach level 50 in The Hunter’s Call and two other trading companies you will achieve Pirate Legend. Pirate Legend now requires 3 out of 5 trading companies to be maxed out.


How does cooking work in Sea of Thieves?
Cooking is simple, you don’t have to watch it and items will cook by themselves.

How do you know when something is done cooking?
The item you are cooking will change color starting in it’s raw form, then under-cooked, then cooked, and then burned.

Will food that is cooked give you more money from The Hunter’s Call?
Under-cooked food will give you less money, health, and may cause you to be sick.

Does every food fill up your regeneration pool?
Only cooked and under-cooked food will add to your regeneration pool.

Will you be adding more food types after the Anniversary update?
Maybe. At launch there will be coconuts, mangoes, pineapples (full 100 HP heal per bite, 2 bites total), bananas, pomegranates, fish, and various types of meat.

Where can you cook food in Sea of Thieves?
You are able to cook food on any ship type and on any campfire throughout the world.

Can you cook fruit?
You are able to cook fruit, but fruit will always burn.


Now that fishing is in Sea of Thieves, are there rare fish we can catch?
Yes there are rare fish, but it more so in the chance of finding a specific species of the fish.

Can you fish up treasure?
You cannot fish up treasure, but you can fish up rubbish, such as bones and boots.

Can you fish while sailing?
Yes, you can fish while moving on a ship.

Do fish give any special effects after eating them?
Eating a fish will add to your regeneration pool.


Will gunpowder barrels explode from a harpoon?
Yes, gunpowder barrels will explode upon impact.

Are Galleons immune to harpoons?
No, every ship can be struck by a harpoon; however, everything is physics based (bigger ship will be able to reel in smaller ship, etc.)

Can harpoon lines snap?

Are there cosmetics for harpoons?

Will Skeleton Ships have harpoons equipped?
No, they will not have harpoons equipped.

Check out Rare’s preview stream below.

Check out our coverage on The Hunter’s Call here.

Expanded Ship Damage Explained

On April 30th, Rare will be releasing the Anniversary Update to the Sea of Thieves! As part of this update, there will be significant changes to ship combat, specifically how ships will be damaged. Rare recently released a behind-the-scenes look at expanded ship damage, so we’re here to go over exactly how these new mechanics will work!

Below you’ll find questions answered by Rare regarding the expanded ship damage:

What are the expanded ship damage changes that are coming?
On all ship types, you will be able to knock down the masts of a ship with a few cannonballs. You will also be able to damage the capstan and wheel of a ship. Cannonball holes in the hull have also changed, there will be different sized holes in the hull depending on how much damage you’ve done. So more cannonball shots to a single place on the hole will expand the hole, allowing more water to fill in faster.

Will it take longer to patch larger holes in the hull?
Yes, the time it takes to patch a hole will directly correlate to the size of the hole.

Will damaging a ship’s capstan lower their anchor?
There is a chance that damaging a ship’s capstan will lower the anchor.

What will damaging a ship’s wheel do?
Damaging a ship’s wheel will make it so it’s harder to turn the ship.

How many cannonball shots does it take to knock down a mast?
It will take 3 cannonball shots to knock down a ship mast.

How do you repair the mast once it’s been knocked down?
Players will have to use the pulley ropes on the ship to get the mast back up. Once it’s back up, players will need to use wooden planks to repair the mast.

How do you repair the capstan and the wheel?
To repair the capstan and the wheel, you will need to use wooden planks.

Will the expanded ship damage be available in The Arena?
Yes, expanded ship damage will be present in The Arena.

You can learn more about expanded ship damage in Sea of Thieves by watching the behind-the-scenes video below.

20 Questions Answered About The Arena

Recently Rare hosted a stream showcasing a preview of the upcoming Sea of Thieves PVP mode, The Arena. During this stream, they had a Q&A segment where questions were supplied from people in the stream chat. Below are the 24 questions asked about The Arena and their answers!

How long are matches for The Arena?
Matches for The Arena will last 24 minutes, which is one full day in Sea of Thieves.

Will The Arena have all 3 ship types?
At launch, The Arena will only have galleons and Rare will be trying to make the PVP mode as balanced as possible. After launch, they’ll look into adding the Sloop and Brigantine as ships in The Arena, but for now they are focused on four person crews.

How does scoring work in The Arena?
In The Arena, you get points for digging up chests, more points for cashing in chests, points for killing other players and points for hitting other ships with cannonballs. You will get more points for chests and ship combat, rather than player combat.

How will voice chat work in The Arena?
Voice chat in The Arena will work the same as Adventure mode – it will be proximity based.

How will matchmaking work in The Arena?
You will be able to join The Arena in a closed or open crew.

Will the Sea Dogs Trading Company count towards Pirate Legend?
In the Anniversary Update, Rare is introducing the Sea Dogs and The Hunter’s Call trading companies, bringing the total number of trading companies in the game to 5. In order to reach Pirate Legend, you will just need to hit Level 50 in 3 of the 5 trading companies.

Will we ever see 8 players on a Galleon in Sea of Thieves?
At the launch of the Anniversary Update, no. Rare is open to experimentation though.

Can you enter and exit the Sea Dog Tavern in Adventure mode?
In Adventure mode, you can see the exterior of the tavern and interact with NPCs outside it, but you cannot enter it. The only way to enter the Sea Dog Tavern is by selecting The Arena on the main menu. The reason the Sea Dog Tavern exists in Adventure mode is so that it feels integrated within the game’s lore.

Are the new expanded ship damage changes only present in The Arena?
The new changes are in both The Arena and Adventure mode.

How big are the maps for The Arena?
There are different sized arenas in The Arena, but every arena consist of the Devil’s Shroud circling around a group of islands from the larger map.

Will there be world leaderboard in The Arena?
There will be no world leaderboards for The Arena at launch. Rare is having conversations around what stats they would want to make public for The Arena.

If your ship sinks in The Arena, are you out or can you respawn?
In The Arena, you will not be out if your ship sinks; however, you will lose points every time your ship sinks.

Will rowboats be available in The Arena?
At launch, rowboats will not be available in The Arena. Rare is working on implementing them for the future.

Will gunpowder barrels be in The Arena?
At launch, there will be no gunpowder barrels in The Arena. Rare is working on balancing them for The Arena, since they can have such a large impact on the game.

Will there be new achievements for The Arena?
There will be new achievements in the Anniversary Update around The Arena, Tall Tales, and The Hunter’s Call.

Will nameplates be visible in The Arena?
Nameplates work the same way in The Arena as they do in Adventure mode.

Can you see other ships on your map in The Arena?
Yes, you will be able to see other ships on your map table in The Arena. You will also be notified when a specific crew digs up a chest.

Will storms and fog be present in The Arena?
Yes, storms and fog will be in The Arena.

Will there be matches in The Devil’s Roar?
At launch, The Devil’s Roar will not make an appearance for Arena matches. Rare is working on balancing the volcanoes before implementing.

How many supplies on your ship do you start with in The Arena?
You will start with a ton of supplies, as the focus is on combat and not resource-gathering.

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