Hey everyone, TheRealSpoons here! I’m the creator of SeaOfThievesHQ!

I started SeaOfThievesHQ back in February 2018, right before Sea of Thieves launched. I had been a technical alpha player for a while and really fell in love with the game, so I decided I wanted to create a Twitter account that would share everything and anything Sea of Thieves related!

I started out by simply posting a countdown to the launch of Sea of Thieves. As Rare released a more information on the game, I’d share gifs of gameplay and ask opinions on what people thought. I started gaining some traction and was amazed at how supportive everyone was who followed.

After months of posting Sea of Thieves content, I decided to open up a Discord server for SeaOfThievesHQ. A few months after that, I decided to open up this website to post about Sea of Thieves. With a team of fantastic writers who love Sea of Thieves, we plan to bring you the latest news and interesting discussion topics relating to Sea of Thieves.

If you’re reading this and are interested in partnering with us for something, feel free to reach out at business@sothq.com.